With season changes happening just around the corner, I start thinking about transitions and changes. I’m all for having long-term goals, and these moments of seasonal changes always get me musing over how well (or not) I’ve handled this last season and what I can do to improve in the new season.

It’s a chance to start refreshed and work on eliminating old habits that don’t work for me anymore.

Recently, I attended an expo that focused on skin care. As I age, I’ve been thinking about how my skin care ritual has evolved and where it needs more changes.

Have you ever washed your face and within moments of drying off you can feel your skin tightening?

This is your skin drying out.

This is what happens when you wash with soap or anything that strips your natural oils from your skin. This over drying makes you more prone to rashes, infection, acne, and wrinkles!

Living in a desert and having sensitive skin, it’s been important to make sure I stay hydrated, internally and externally. A decade ago, I stopped using moisture-stripping soap on my face and started exploring using oil to cleanse and hydrate my skin. This change has made a ton of difference in the quality of my skin.

Over the years I tried many different cleansers and read hundreds of labels only to be disappointed by the lackluster results, endocrine disruptors, and toxic ingredients.

I got so frustrated I ended up formulating my own cleansing oil, and I’ve honed the recipe over the years to make it nourishing, healing, and hydrating. I shared a previous recipe in my book Nourishing Space Within: Essentials of Self-Care.

Cleaning your face with oil has many benefits.

  1. The right oils will nourish and hydrate your skin
  2. The more hydrated your skin, the more you’ll see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Oils clean your skin removing dirt, excess oil (yes, great for oily skin), and make-up (even waterproof)
  4. Oils won’t over strip your skin’s natural oils- dried out skin causes rebound oiliness, redness, or rashes
  5. Many oil blends are safe for even the most sensitive skin, including rosacea

This year I started my sharing my updated cleansing oil with friends and family and the feedback I received was so amazing I decided to make it available for everyone!

If you want glowing, hydrated, nourished, supple, younger-looking skin, try cleansing your skin with my Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil.

Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil

Super easy to use.
No endocrine-disruptors to throw your hormones out of balance.
Non-toxic ingredients.
No soaps to strip your skin.
Just high-quality organic oils.

What more do you need?

Click here to learn more about the Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil and where you can find it!