Dr. Allegra’s Self-Care Starter Pack


Product Description

Your Dr. Allegra’s Self-Care Starter Pack includes:

1. Nourishing Space Within: Essentials of Self-Care Book
2. Dry Skin Brush
3. Organic Castor Oil: cold-pressed and hexane-free
4. Organic cotton cloth: to make your castor oil pack

What others are saying about Nourishing Space Within: Essentials of Self-Care:

“Dr. Hart’s book is a rare gem! It is a complete guide to natural health and healing that is applicable for the beginner and for everyone seeking optimal health and wellness. Her ideas are clearly laid out and her recommendations easy to follow. I was also deeply inspired by the interwoven story of her own path to wellness and her authentic voice throughout. A book to inspire and to heal!”
-Kari Lyons Price MSW EEMCP

“If you are looking for ways to improve your health and well-being, Dr. Hart has the answer! Her compassion and insightfulness are your guide to enjoying a fulfilling and health-filled life!”
-Susan Hodge Mueller, ND

“This resourceful book covers many aspects of building and keeping a path of health. It not only covers the ‘how-to’s of nourishing our bodies, but also the importance of sleep, hormones–including skin care recipes, and dealing with emotions. Plus she shares the reasoning that supports these positive changes, so it is clear to the reader not only ‘how’ to set out on a journey of health, but the ‘why’. It is an excellent resource to own.”

“I thought the book had a lot of information for anyone trying to change their mind and body. Good nutrition info, sleep, and exercising the mind. I found it helpful on all the subjects she wrote about. I really enjoyed the recipes and exercises.”
-D. Wallace

“Dr. Hart gives simple, easy to understand, instructions on how to take charge of your health. From food to sleep to hormones (and more), learn how to find balance in your life. The recommendations in this book improved my health and quality of life. I’m now buying extra copies for my family and friends!”

“Such a wonderful book! A lot of very useful information in this one book. Very clear and easy steps to follow on my quest for better health! Very common sense approach to feeling more energy and centered in our everyday lives. This whole body, mind and soul care should be taught to us as teenagers! There would be many more adults better prepared to deal with modern life.”

Read, learn, enjoy, repeat.

Nourishing Space Within: Essentials of Self-Care = 90 pages

Follow directions in Nourishing Space Within: Essentials of Self-Care for the proper use of castor oil packs and dry skin brushing.

Additional Information

Weight 17.8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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