Total Support Digestive Enzymes


Full spectrum vegan enzyme blend including support to break down gluten, gliadin, casein, whey, lactose, protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

We can all use a little extra support in getting the nutrients we need out of our diet. Digestive enzymes can help you do just that, break down your food more efficiently so you have access to more healthy building blocks.

When you have access to more nutritional building blocks, you’ll have more resources to help your body heal on all levels. When you have access to more nutritional building blocks, your immune system will work better, your brain will work better, your hormones will be more balanced, and you’ll manage stress better. Life gets easier when you have the proper fuel!

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90 vegetarian caps

A broad support is needed to break down all the different types of macronutrients in your food. Each enzyme has a different action that helps you access your food’s nutrition.

Protease:  helps break down proteins.

Aspergillopepsin:  helps break down gluten proteins.

Protease DDP IV:  helps break down gluten proteins.

Amylase:  helps break down carbohydrates.

Lactase:  helps break down lactose found in dairy products.

Lipase:  helps break down fats.

Alpha-Galactosidase:  helps break down peanuts, beans, lentils and cruciferous vegetables; such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, kale, chard, and brussels sprouts.

To get the best use out of your digestive enzymes take 1-2 capsules with the first bite of each meal.

Keep in a cool, dry place, tightly capped.

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Weight 2.8 oz
Dimensions 2.125 × 2.125 × 4 in


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Key Ingredients:
Glutalytic (Endo & Exo-peptidase Blend: Protease 75,000 HUT, Aspergillopepsin 500 SAPU, Protease DDP IV 125 DPP IV) 189mg
Amylase 15,000 DU
Lactase 4500 ALU
Lipase 2500 FIP
Alpha-Galactosidase 150 GalU

Other ingredients:
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, L-leucine.